Why the Amateur Radio Hobby Holds Appeal Today, Randy Risner Explains

Randy Risner

February 19, 2021

Randy Risner Talks About the Benefits of Ham Radio

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, has been a popular hobby for decades. While many today search for hobbies that focus on being on the internet, ham radio provides a reminder of simpler times. Randy Risner of Vallejo is an amateur radio operator. He provides some insight into why it is still an appealing hobby.

Randy Risner explains that one of the reasons why ham radio is popular is because it’s an affordable hobby to get into. It can make it easy to bring people together without having to depend on internet connectivity.

When Randy Risner got into amateur radio, he did it because he had friends who talked about it. He had no idea how much fun he would have. He was soon introduced into a new world. People all over his town of Fairfield, California were operating radios. It provided a way to learn more about the people in his community.

Many people worry about what would happen if the internet were to suddenly go out. If there was no internet, how would people communicate? What would provide a lifeline in a time of need?

This is where Randy Risner Vallejo explains how amateur radio is beneficial. It isn’t dependent on cell phones or the internet. Instead, it relies on radio waves. It offers a lifeline in the event that it is ever needed.

Randy Risner has been able to have many interesting conversations on amateur radio waves. Perhaps the best part, as he explains, is that unlike the internet, there’s no permanent record of any discussion.

Randy Risner Talks About Getting the Hobby Started

Although the idea is to experiment and get social, Randy Risner Vallejo turned to the internet, first. He believed it was important to understand how amateur radio worked. He learned about the equipment that he would need. He also found out that it was important to obtain a ham radio license.

Randy Risner recommends doing research online. He also suggests getting a few books to develop basic knowledge. From there, he recommends getting behind the radio waves to find out who is out there. As people start to respond, it can be as easy as asking questions. Many ham radio operators will eve get together to talk – and Randy Risner has found this to be an exciting break from his otherwise hectic schedule.

About Randy Risner

Randy Risner Vallejo is an interim city attorney who calls Fairfield, California his home. With over 25 years of experience representing cities and agencies in California, he is always in search of ways to relax. While he loves working under pressure and seeking high-stake situations, he believes having a hobby is an important way to manage stress. As a result, Randy Risner got involved in ham radio years ago and enjoys being an operator.