Randy Risner: Vallejo Attorney with a Connection to the French

Randy Risner

December 3, 2020

Randy Risner: Vallejo Attorney with a Connection to the French  

Attorney Randy Risner may live in Vallejo, California, which has a rich Spanish heritage, but his heart and soul lie with the French.

Randy Risner, like many of his fellow residents in Vallejo, appreciates French culture, and his love for all things France has labeled him somewhat of a Francophile, a person who has a strong admiration of France and the French culture. He is enthralled by the French culture and the different foods.

With over 25-years of experience representing several California cities and public agencies in a multitude of legal challenges, Randy Risner has a reputation for impeccable ethical standards and he applies that to his French cuisine too. From boeuf bourguignon and ratatouille, Soupe A L’Oignon, and chocolate soufflé, Randy Risner loves French cuisine. Along with amazing French cuisine, Randy Risner also loves an array of different wines that come from France which is one of the world’s largest wine-producing countries. From a Pinot Blanc, a white wine produced in Alsace to Cabernet Sauvignon that is made in Bordeaux, Randy Risner’s opinion is that France produces some of the best, top-of-the-line wines in the world.

Randy Risner’s Main Connections to France

Randy Risner’s love for France stems from the fact that his wife, Sophie, is originally from Paris. The couple heads to France bi-yearly to visit family members and friends, including their own son and three granddaughters who reside in France. Randy Risner has studied, not only the culture of France and French cuisine, but the history of the country, its food and wine, and its culture. He also enjoys the French language and has learned some of it over the years.

Randy Risner said in a recent interview that his love for French culture does not outweigh his love and appropriation for the people of Vallejo and California in general. He said he enjoys his role in representing cities and municipalities throughout California as part of his quarter of a century experience in the legal profession.

Randy Risner, who enjoys a history of collaborating with public entities and other interested parties to bring cases to a successful conclusion, has a very professional demeanor about him and a way of bringing people together for a common cause, much like he brings together the many French foods and wines he pairs. Randy Risner’s love of France and all things French, including his wonderful French wife and family, will continue along with his legal career, for many more years to come.