Who is Randy Risner? About His Life

Randy Risner

September 23, 2020

Randy Risner

Randy Risner became an attorney in the early 1990s after graduating from the SacSan Joaquin College of Law and became a member of the California bar. He has had a private practice for several years, handling a variety of cases, including hundreds of bankruptcy cases.

Randy Risner as City Attorney

Randy Risner has held the position as city attorney in brief stints over the years for the California cities of Mendota, Guadalupe, and Greenfield.  He has also served as assistant city attorney, deputy city attorney, general counsel and bond/disclosure counsel for the cities of Chowchilla, Selma, Del Mar and Murrieta as well as numerous other California special districts. He was hired in January of 2018 as the Chief Assistant City Attorney in Vallejo, California. In January of 2020, he was named by a unanimous decision by the Vallejo City Council to take over as the city’s interim city attorney after the resignation of the previous city attorney, Claudia Quintana. Some Vallejo residents, who are part of a group called Open Vallejo, protested the appointment of Randy Risner to the position but the council members have been outspoken about the fact that the allegations of fraud and public mistrust of Randy Risner are unfounded and malicious. Randy Risner Is also continuing to work in his position as the chief assistant city attorney for Vallejo.

Randy Risner Does Not Make the Final Cut

Despite his best efforts and working diligently as the city’s interim city attorney for Vallejo, in August of 2020 the Vallejo city announced that Randy Risner is no longer in the running for the permanent position of Vallejo City Attorney.

According to a Facebook post on August 25, 2020, by Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan, Randy Risner did not make the final cut in the city search for a new city attorney.

Randy Risner‘s Facebook post reads:

“As of this morning, council is in the final stages of the hiring process for Vallejo’s new City Attorney. After interviewing four extremely qualified candidates, council has narrowed to a smaller group of finalists. Given that the process is still ongoing the identity of the finalists remains confidential. Unfortunately, this means council has had to pass on a handful of talented individuals, including Interim City Attorney Randy Risner. Although Mr. Risner is no longer in the running for the City Attorney position, he will remain as the Chief Assistant City Attorney for the City, and Council has confidence in him moving forward and continuing to serve the City. The decision to move forward with a smaller group of candidates was a difficult decision to make, but I am confident the candidate selected will serve the people of Vallejo well. I look forward to sharing more details about the chosen candidate’s qualifications with the community very soon.”