Randy Risner Explores Decorating with a French Influence

Randy Risner

February 19, 2021

Bringing French Culture into the Home is Easy, According to Randy Risner

French culture has always appeared more sophisticated. From the French runways to the Parisian boutiques, it seems as though the French understand more about culture than Americans. Randy Risner of Vallejo has chosen to decorate with a French influence, providing a starting point for others who want to embrace the culture.

After studying French art as a hobby during law school, Randy Risner Vallejo found that he liked a lot of the decorating principles. He visited homes, boutiques, and restaurants that all incorporated a French influence. This is when he began to notice some of the things that the interiors all had in common.

The history of a building should be respected. By focusing on the iconic characters, Randy Risner has found that it’s easier to add elegance.

Randy Risner Vallejo also quickly learned that too many rules wouldn’t work. Designers have told him that things should be arranged while still being playful. As a result, he has created awkward juxtapositions. He has incorporated things from the 17th century as well as the 1970s. As one decorator told him, it is “anti-décor.”

French influence is often achieved with a few paintings and books. By choosing one piece that looks as though it belongs in a gallery, that is enough. From there, much can be created by reusing and recycling. This is where Randy Risner Vallejo was able to take advantage of finds from various vintage stores throughout Fairfield, California, and the surrounding areas.

One of the things that Randy Risner had fun with when decorating with a French influence was deviating from neutral colors. All-white interiors are common with the French. However, interior decorators also acknowledge that there are no rules. They blend colors, designs, and time periods. By choosing a bold color, it adds whimsy.

In his effort to decorate like the French, Randy Risner Vallejo learned that he had to avoid all trends. Anything that his friends had in their living rooms was not going to be for him. He had to depend on his lifestyle. He had to depend on what he liked. Then, it would ensure that his vintage French décor would remain timeless.

Randy Risner says that the one piece of advice he would offer to anyone wanting to decorate with a French influence would be to design around a lifestyle. Make it look effortless while actually giving each piece of furniture and décor a significant amount of thought. When the room looks livable but stunning, it is complete.

About Randy Risner

As an attorney, Randy Risner Vallejo is no stranger to high-pressure situations. He has spent over two decades working with cities and public agencies. When he’s not working with clients or arguing in the courtroom, he enjoys focusing on his hobbies. After years of studying French culture, Randy Risner decided to embrace it in various aspects of his life, including cooking and decorating.